Silicone mobile phone cover product has bubbles, cut open visible hollow or flocculent hollow.

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It is easy to solve the problem of poor size change of silica gel products. First, determine the formula and process, then measure the size, and then adjust the mold according to the size. If the mold size is not good, it is useless for you to adjust the formula. At present, many rubber factories are relatively single in analyzing problems, which should be comprehensively considered from the aspects of human, machine, material, ring, method and measurement.

If the production process is the same and the blanking weight is the same, the size instability still occurs. The silica gel itself should be considered. The size of different batches of silica gel products is different. If the same batch is placed for too long, the product size will be affected. At the same time, the rubber mixing process of silica gel should be controlled, because the size change will be caused by the length of mixing time and process. Technology of rubber mixing

Silicone mobile phone cover product has bubbles, cut open visible hollow or flocculent hollow. This kind of defect not only affects the appearance but also the service life of the product. The silicone mobile phone case is easy to break when it is wrinkled. This kind of undesirable phenomenon is called "wrapping wind"

Bad reasons: the vulcanizing agent does not roll evenly during the mixing of raw materials, the curing temperature and time are not enough, or the temperature is too high. Die bias pressure, exhaust is not enough.

Solution: first try to adjust the curing temperature and time, the temperature of silica gel products is generally between 190-220 degrees. If the product volume is relatively large and the mold is relatively deep, then check whether it can't be vented. Try to lengthen the exhaust length. If the mold is still not easy to exhaust, you can also set several springs beside it.

Lack of material, incomplete product appearance. This kind of undesirable light not only affects the beauty of the product, but also affects the product life. It is easy to be damaged under the action of mechanical force. If it is serious, it will affect the function and cannot be used

Bad reasons: insufficient rubber, lack of mold pressure, too high curing temperature or poor fluidity of compound used

Solution: lower the temperature and try again. If you can't, add some silicone.

Impurities in the product: silica gel products contain substances outside the product, affecting the appearance and life of the product

Bad reason: the rubber is not pure, and it is polluted by improper operation during mixing. Mold machine mixed with other substances

Solution: when mixing, use clean cloth to smear machine water to wipe the dirt on the mixer

Excessive trimming and tearing of product. Incomplete product structure affects the appearance and function of the product

Bad reasons: a small part of the edge trimming of silicone products may be due to operation errors, machine temperature is too high, and the mold parting line is damaged